Sleepy Hollow
State Park


Dates: August 3-5, 2023

People: Mark, Sarah, Luke, Jonah, Seth, Anya, Ben, Mom/Dad Witte, Annie


We left home around 4:15pm with our van and Mom and Dad's van. We had all four kayaks loaded.  Both vehicles full.  We dodged traffic and each took our own routes to get to Sleepy Hollow.  We setup camp.  Mom and Dad plus Anya in their Half Dome 4.  Sarah and Annie in our Half Dome 4.  Jonah in his hammock.  The rest in the Kingdom 8.  We cooked brats and dogs over the fire.  I made mac-n-cheese with the Jetboil Genesis stove. We did smores over the fire.  It was warm and muggy well into the night.


We cooked sausage links, diced potatoes and scrambled eggs on the stove for breakfast.  Hung around camp all morning.  Took Anya to the playground for a short stint. Did sandwiches for lunch.  Kept looking for shade to stay cool. Around 1:30p drove over to the beach area for Lake Ovid.  Ben and Anya each enjoyed the water and sand.  Dad, Luke, Annie and Mark all took kayak tours on the lake.  Later on Seth would also head out. Found a nice shade tree with picnic tables for others to sit at.  Headed back to camp for supper time.  Cooked pizza sandwiches over the fire.  Took Anya and Ben to the playground until the bugs tried to eat us alive.  Older kids also over there to play GaGa ball. This evening a bit cooler than the last.


Mark, Luke, Seth up early to run The Legend trail races.  Others up in time to see them run by the campsite.  Everyone met up at finish line for Seth and Mark finishing the half marathon.  Back to camp to strike camp.  Done by noon.  Hit the road and did lunch at Blaze Pizza on north side of Lansing for lunch.