Boyne Mountain October 2015

Dates: October 11 - October 13, 2015

People: Mark


My trip to Boyne for the All Pastors Conference for the Michigan District had me leaving home about 3:15pm. It was a little later than planned, but that’s how it goes. On my way up north I wanted to get my first of several trail runs in. I was also signed up for a Virtual 5K race for “HeartMIRun”, a fundraiser for Michigan’s State Parks which I so enjoy.

So I stopped at Pinckney State Rec area with the plan to run the Crooked Lake Trail. This would get me a great trail run as well as accomplish my virtual 5K. I ran it in the clockwise direction which meant pretty much all foot traffic I encountered was going the other direction. I need to make a note for next time to go counter-clockwise. Along the way I checked out the connector trail to the Halfmoon Lake Day use area which I had not seen before. Looked like a nice place to go and sit and relax. I was able to take a number of great photos along the way especially as I packed Pickerel Lake. I was able to finish my trail run and be on my way north around 5:40pm.

I took the non-I-75 route which meant driving up to Howell from Pinckney and then on over to Lansing. I had supper at the Culver’s in Okemos and I am still in love with their Wisconsin Sourdough Patty Melt. Mmmmm… I had a stop in Clare for gas and to fill up my water. I spent most of the trip listening to the various baseball and football games that were on on the radio as well as catching some Bleach tunes. It was about 9:30pm when I finally made it to Boyne. I stayed in their hotel this time and had a wonderful room with a queen bed, couch, and plenty of space. It even had a nice balcony. I believe they gave me a handicap room which probably explained some of the extra space.


My morning began with a light breakfast in my hotel room and then off to the conference for their morning prayer devotion. The morning was spent with two sessions with Mr. Carl Medearis. He spoke with a heavy emphasis on sharing Jesus, and a downplaying of Christianity. It was my observation that when he speaks of Christianity he speaks of it as he perceives the world, and in particular, those in the Muslim world perceive it. And the perceptions are not good. Medearis definitely highlighted the importance of not assuming everyone understands words and their meanings in the same way we do.

For lunch it was a very tasty Asian theme with egg rolls, classic fried rice, egg noodles, and three different types of meat with stir fry. I tried some shrimp and the beef and it was all very tasty. Would eat that lunch again over and over. The afternoon began with another session with Carl Medearis and then shortly after 2pm we had a break. I decided to spend the 3 hour afternoon break on another trail run which I have detailed in its own trip report:

Shingle Mill Pathway Trail-run Trip Report

Upon return to Boyne it was nearly supper time. I got back with time to shower and get dressed to head over for supper. I was faced with an evening conundrum. The Cubs v Cardinals NLDS game 3 started just after 6pm which was also when supper started. I figured I needed to eat so I headed over and partook of their wonderful BBQ supper, another favorite. Also sat with a few people I knew so conversation happened. This meant it was about 6:40p by the time I got back to my room. This gave a good 45 minutes or so to get caught up on the game. The next conundrum was that we had evening Divine Service worship for the conference at 7:30pm. I figured I had better be going to that and not skipping out even for Cubs v Cards. I was hopeful that after the service I’d make it back to my room in time to see the end of the game. The service was late in getting started because of cleanup from supper so this added to my nerves. I was able to stay for the service and did see the last inning or so of the game, and the Cubs won!


Another light breakfast in my hotel room today since the breakfast plan with the conference was something like $20/meal. The morning session of the conference was one last Carl Medearis session and then an introduction of Five-Two ministries and Bill Woolsey. They are going to work with the direction and her congregations to help with church and ministry plants.

Lunch today was a cold-cut sandwich bar which was fine, though not nearly as tasty as yesterday’s Asian bar. The afternoon sessions had a Q&A with President Maier and Bill Woolsey, a quick presentation from CUAA/CUW and then the District President’s report.

My original plans for today were to stay through to the Banquet tonight and then head home late. I was hoping to use my afternoon break to either get a trail-run in on the North Country Trail (a segment whose TH had no parking and whose marking was unclear) or to run on Boyne’s trails. The weather at Boyne was cold, drizzly and unpleasant. I decided between the weather and the prospect of driving home past midnight weren’t so hot, and so left early. It must have been about 2:45pm when I pulled out.

On the way home I was hoping for one more trail-run and the southern Michigan weather was more favorable and so I found a great place to stop and run in the Brighton area.

Penosha Trail (Brighton) Trail-run Trip Report

As I note in my TR, after running I went over to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Green Oak Township (the one near Salsarita’s) and watched the last two innings of the Cubs game 4 NLDS clincher over the Cardinals, and then drove the rest of the way home.

The End.